Black Friday wins for KMM & Co.


Atlanta-based KMM & Co. is a growing brand specialising in heirloom-quality leather goods. The goal of the campaign was to outperform the previous year’s Black Friday revenue. Let’s just say they beat it by a country mile.

THE HIGHLIGHT $52,561 sold in the first 24 hours
THE SPEND $12,074.85 total ad spend
THE WIN $42,600 revenue from TOFU, first-time purchasers


Fashion & Accessories


$52,561 sold in the first 24 hours

$12,074.85 total ad spend

10.52x ROAS

$42,600 revenue from TOFU, first-time purchasers


Fashion & Accessories




KMM & Co. is a small eCommerce brand selling handmade leather goods. Founder and head artisan, Kyle Martin created the brand to craft timeless leather goods designed to get better with age and wear. They have a dedicated social media following and thousands of five-star reviews.
This case study focuses on the addition of ManyChat into the existing marketing channels (organic and non-organic) for the Black Friday sale and launch of a new line of Carryalls.
The goal of the campaign was to sell as many units as possible and outperform the 2018 Black Friday revenue of$99,560.16.
This goal was “crushed” with 2019 Black Friday revenue coming in at $159,615.96.


We created a sign-up flow in ManyChat with three Facebook JSON ads as opt-in options.

Ad one was a recorded video from the owners inviting people to sign up for a “VIP” list. Messaging focused on the exclusivity of the VIP list. They also teased a new bag (the carryall) that would be launching simultaneously with the Black Friday Sale, giving just enough details to create anticipation and curiosity.

JSON Facebook Ad Example

Ads two and three tested creative variations with the same ad copy. Messaging focused on anticipation

(It’s the sale you’ve been waiting for all year!), FoMO (you don’t want to miss out on our best deals of the year), and exclusivity (opt in to our Black Friday VIP List).



Facebook Lives + Giveaway Announcement

Ads weren’t performing as well as hoped, so owners added incentive with a giveaway. To announce this, they ran two Facebook Lives, each running around 10 minutes. Messaging focused on the novelty of the new Carryall launch, and added to audience anticipation by displaying which products would be on sale, demonstrating their quality and beauty.

Each live event built on the value of the offer through exclusive ‘freebies’ available only with certain product purchases. They also highlighted the scarcity of the product bundles to trigger FoMO. This giveaway utilized ManyChat Growth Tool Facebook Comments. Prospects commented ‘VIP’ to enter the giveaway and were added into the ManyChat flow.

Facebook Live 1
Facebook Live 2


The Facebook Lives with the announcement of a giveaway served the dual purpose of an increased list-build, and keeping subscribers warm, engaged, and excited.
After opting-in, prospects were sent a three mess age ManyChat flow:

Example opt in data capture 1
Example opt in data capture 2
Example post sign up
Example post sign up

Note the use of scarcity and FoMO (Last year we sold out of many totes -some within the first hour) as well as exclusivity (We’re giving first access to our VIP list because our favorite totes might just SELL OUT again. Plus, you’ll get access to perks that nobody else has!).
The ManyChat flow also asked for an email and a phone number, set up to populate automatically to Google Sheets. This enabled KMM & Co. to generate leads for their email and SMS channels with a single list-build cost.

The final message in the flow, kept this audience warm by sending them to the website to “window-shop” Black Friday deals.


Launch Day

Utilizing the +1, a broadcast was sent to VIPs at 9:00 p.m. the night before Black Friday, giving them access to the sale three hours earlier than the general public. Sale went live to the public at 12:00 a.m. Messaging again included exclusivity, scarcity, and FoMO. The surprise addition of a gift bundle added to the incentive and excitement.

During the weekend, there was a slight hiccup (Shopify side) where some users experienced a problem. Therefore, a non-promotional message was sent to let users know everything was “a-ok” and working properly again. As a bonus it gave the sale a boost of interest and engagement.

Messaging added an element of social proof with so much website traffic it shut it down. Also emphasized scarcity and FoMO.

Last Day
For subscribers who engaged with the prior non-promotional message, an additional 24 hours +1 was opened. These subscribers received a “last day” reminder message: Note: Similar messages simultaneously went out via email and SMS.


What Worked Well

Much of the success can be attributed to a well-planned teaser campaign with strong offers, a giveaway, and client participation in the Facebook Lives. By telling people what to expect, then adding more details and incentives as Black Friday came closer, the customer base stayed engaged, excited, and KMM & Co remained front of mind.

Utilizing psychological triggers in advertising, then reinforcing those repeatedly in cross-channel messaging also contributed to success.

ManyChat list-building was affordable and allowed KMM & Co double-dip leads, collecting phone numbers and emails for their other marketing channels. This boosted their reach beyond Black Friday.


Learnings / Application

The first Facebook Live included the words “comment VIP” in the ad copy. This resulted in Facebook viewing this ad as “bait” rather than true engagement. Although it performed quite well, it had a low-quality score so did not deliver as optimally as it could have. This leaves us to wonder what performance could have been.