A $4.4m first year and a knockout $877k Black Friday


Sculpt Neon Signs offer creative lighting solutions for every occasion with statement neon signage that illuminates and transforms any space. The team reached out to us to help guide their first ever Black Friday sale. The results? They smashed their $500k target achieving $877k in revenue, landed a dream corporate deal and achieved $4.4M in their first year of business.

THE HIGHLIGHT $90k day and a £90,000 corporate deal
THE SPEND $298k total ad spend
THE RESULTS $877,962.60 ($500k target revenue)
THE WIN $4.4M first year



$90k day and a £90,000 corporate deal

$298k total ad spend

$877,962.60 ($500k target revenue)

$4.4M first year





Launching in October 2020 with a great product and a whole lot of drive and ambition, Sculpt Neon Signs had an exciting opportunity to build their business from the ground up into a powerful growth machine that could quickly scale.

Founder, Karthik Bhaskar, came to us with the idea of gaining sales traction with a Black Friday campaign one month after launching. He wanted a partner to help break even as quickly as possible, expand market share, reach global audiences and generate enough buzz to instigate large corporate deals.

After conducting the CHASSM™ (our proprietary strategic planning process) it was clear that it was far too early for a Black Friday campaign. There was a solid business foundation but no Facebook data and very little understanding of what works for their target audiences.

Instead, armed with detailed insights into the brand, Karthik and the team partnered to develop a strategic 12-month roadmap. This CHASSM™-directed strategy helped secure a strong baseline brand position, improved website CVR, developed effective creatives for the brand’s target audiences and helped set them up for growth that drastically exceeded their expectations…..and included a killer Black Friday sale.


The Strategy

Due to the business being an early startup, our strategy took a two-phase approach over a longer time frame. By analyzing our client’s audience and market potential, we were able to leverage buyer psychology, brand strengths and their key target audiences for amazing results.



Over 12 months, we took the time to discover what works. We focused on testing within the brand new ad account, launched in three new GEOs, evolved the website for consistent CRO and utilized their purpose-built, custom neon self-service design page to boost CVR. We also set up Klaviyo and their influencer program.

Some of the effective ad creatives.

This allowed us to generate consistent growth, create a baseline MER, and discover key insights into effective creative, angles and audiences in the lead up to the brands’ first Black Friday sale and scale towards the goal of gaining significant market share in 2022.



Sculpt Neon Signs had never discounted before so Black Friday 2021 presented a huge opportunity for both sales and brand exposure.

Originally, we were set to launch the sale on the Thursday before Black Friday with a 25% off storewide offering. But we noticed that competitors were offering up to 30% off and starting their sales much earlier.

So, despite some initial hesitation from the client, we decided to pivot and launch on the 10th of November with 30% off storewide.

This resulted in some of the biggest days for the brand, averaging around $40k/d up to $90k/d!

We targeted all three GEOs (AUS, US and the UK) with specific angles of Home Decor and Business. Focusing on reels and the best performing creative that showcased the offer.

At the same time, we worked to scale their presence across Google as much as possible, spending $195k on Google and $103k on Facebook over the month.


What Worked Well

Sculpt Neon smashed their $500K Black Friday revenue target!

The campaign ran from November 10th – 30th and hit $877,962.60 total revenue at 2.95x MER.

For context….the brand made $46,035 the same month the year prior!

This sale event generated huge exposure and resulted in Guinness ordering 90 neon signs at £1,000 each for January!

The brand ended up achieving $4.4 million in sales in their first year of business and are focused on expansion and doubling their revenue in 2022!

In fact, as of early March 2022, they’ve already had a 42% increase in revenue for Q1 in just the first two months and are on track to reach the goal of doubling their revenue by the end of the month.


Cory Harding is our Super Cool Senior Strategist based in Australia. When he isn’t scaling our brands to the moon, you can find him at construction sites monitoring his property development projects or in the kitchen whipping up a storm. His superpower is being able to see the bigger picture but able to drill down into the detail and particularly excels with fashion or high AOV products.

This is our goal with every client we work with - to work as a partner, not a vendor.

We treat your business as if it were our own, looking at the bigger picture and constantly brainstorming ways to improve, add value and scale your brand profitably.

Because when you win, we win. It’s not about getting a certain number of clients for us, it’s about getting the right clients.

You know your potential. We help you get there.

So what will it be, growth or death?