New heights for Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion was founded in 2017 to deliver powerful fitness supplements that help people achieve their dream physique. Through a strategic sequence of Black Friday messaging, they churned out $204k within 24 hours of the campaign’s launch.

THE HIGHLIGHT $204,315.05 within 24 hours
THE SPEND $10,000 total ad spend
THE WIN 34.4% List-build conversion rate




$204,315.05 within 24 hours

$10,000 total ad spend

20.43x ROAS

34.4% List-build conversion rate






Alpha Lion was founded in 2017 with the goal of creating the purest, most powerful fitness supplements in the market. They have already gained a strong following of loyal customers due to product quality, visionary branding, and the visibility of co-founders Troy Adashun and Jordan Fares.
This case study focuses on the 2019 Black Friday sale and launch of several new products, including a new line of apparel, new accessories, new supplement flavors, and the final edition of their award-winning “SuperHuman Supreme” formula.
The goal of the campaign was to generate excitement for the Black Friday sale, successfully launch new products, and sell as many units as possible.


The strategy was to treat the Black Friday sale as an exclusive event, to invite the most qualified prospects, an to list-build, create hype, and maintain momentum as cost-effectively as possible. ManyChat was the tool of choice for list-building through paid social media ads, as well as Alpha Lion’s organic channels.
Leveraging buyer psychology, we allocated over 90% of the ad spend budget prior to the sale and product launch. All messaging focused on tapping into several psychological triggers including exclusivity, FoMO, anticipation, novelty, and curiosity.
Below is a simple overview of the strategy:


A Manychat sign-up flow was created using JSON, ManyChat Landing Page, and RefURL as opt-in options.

  • ManyChat Landing Page to send prospects from organic posts, their Facebook group, and e-mails to a ManyChat-hosted landing page before entering the flow.
  • Ref URL (i.e a link to the BOT) for Alpha Lion to use in a limited capacity from the Facebook event page and organic posts.
  • JSON to use in the paid Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.


JSON is normally the preferred option for Facebook ads to drive messenger opt-ins because it optimizes for messages whereas link clicks often have a high drop-off rate. However, we had great success with this trial use of ManyChat Landing Page.

We started this list-building 10 days out from the event. Again, this timing is effective for building a list and creating excitement but without cannibalizing short-term sales.

ManyChat hosted landing page
Pre-launch JSON ad
Pre-launch JSON ad

Note the use of exclusivity (exclusive access, access 24 hours before anyone else), scarcity (last ever edition), novelty (New, 1st Ever), and curiosity (jam-packed with so many insane deals and new gains), which were leveraged to create anticipation, urgency, and FoMO.

At the same time, Alpha Lion promoted the sale via their organic channels with the Landing Page or RefURL links.

Note that ManyChat is capable of generating email leads for a single, low cost. In this case, prospects were sent an immediate welcome email and entered into marketing flows.

ManyChat flow Message
ManyChat flow Message


To keep audiences warm we leveraged the email list, pushing out organic content created by Alpha Lion.

Prospects were also invited to join a Facebook event page.

This served to keep the Alpha Lion event top of mind with no additional cost. Prospects received reminders and notices of new postings where product & sale information was teased, focusing on exclusivity (site would be locked) and scarcity. There was also an element of organic social proof as more people engaged with the event page.

It was announced through all marketing channels that the site would be locked down for 24 hours, only accessible to those with VIP access codes, leveraging exclusivity and FoMO.


Last Day

Black Friday blasts were sent through all marketing channels and the site was locked down for the 24-hour VIP sale.

ManyChat Black Friday Broadcast

What worked well

A large part of the success was the fact that Alpha Lion is a fast-growing brand with a large following. Most targeted prospects were not completely cold audiences, as the brand name is becoming well known in the fitness world.

Leveraging psychological triggers in our cross-channel messaging helped build and maintain hype for this sale. Locking the site down for 24 hours to anyone without VIP access created a truly exclusive sale and contributed to the largest ever list build. Great offers, great products, and limited quantities created true urgency and people responded with their pocket books.


Learnings / Application

This was the first time using ManyChat Landing Pages. Using this with Alpha Lion’s organic channels was a good alternative to the RefURL, which links straight to Messenger and tends to have high drop-offs without an explicit explanation. The Landing Page bridged the gap between the social media channel and Messenger, resulting in fewer drop-offs. One caveat was that the landing page saw little success when linked from Snapchat.