From $550k To $2 Million Per Month


This partnership drove strategically aggressive growth and helped turn an Australian fashion brand into a household name, unlocking endless expansion opportunities and a $2.2M capital raise. All within one and a half years.

THE GROWTH $550k to $2M /month
THE RAISE $2.2M capital raise
THE WIN $2.3M Best Month Ever
PLUS International Expansion + Major Licensing Deals


Fashion & Accessories


$550k to $2M /month

$2.2M capital raise

$2.3M Best Month Ever

International Expansion + Major Licensing Deals


Fashion & Accessories



The Background

Threadheads began in a tiny Melbourne shop in 2018 by co-founders, Ace Reunis and Marcus Seigel. At the time, they had no idea it would become an 8-figure eCommerce business just a few short years later.

Inspired by 80’s and 90’s pop culture, their exclusive designs span a portfolio of t-shirts, apparel, and accessories.

Their quality products paired with the best-in-class digital marketing practices exploded their business and sparked a global cult following.

By the time Threadheads decided to take their marketing in-house, they were generating $13M in annual revenue and selling almost 300,000 shirts a year.

Here’s what happened…


The Strategy

1) The challenge

Things were going well for the brand, but Co-founder, Ace Reunis was feeling the time pinch of wearing all the hats and needed to direct his focus elsewhere from managing the performance marketing.

“You’re doing everything, and that slows you down. As soon as you get more experienced people around you, that allows you to grow faster ‘cause they’ve already made those mistakes so you don’t have to make them again…” said Reunis.

To get started, we took what was already working, applied some restructuring to create a proper funnel, and introduced exclusions at each stage so that TOFU was targeting TOFU and not retargeting every other stage.

Once the right foundations were in place, then we started scaling vertically.

2) Setting up to scale

Next, it was critical to establish ongoing communication processes for managing the brand’s growth including the collaborative production of creatives. This created a more ‘in-house’ feel with streamlined operations and responsive communication to capitalize on Threadheads’ marketing activities year-round

By the time this phase was complete, the team of Right Hook experts had essentially become the performance marketing department of the brand.

3) Breaking away from a DPA-only account

Threadheads was relying only on dynamic product ads to drive traffic and conversions. So their Right Hook strategist began to diversify their account and amplified their advertising efforts with UGC, TikTok-style videos, and branded creatives to grow awareness and brand recall while still achieving direct response sales growth.

As each Threadheads collection is uniquely different with a unique audience i.e. Anime, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Cats etc, specific campaigns had to be created for every single collection released.

The process included creating an initial campaign featuring the best-selling products within the collection,  targeting multiple audiences that fit the criteria of being ‘fans’ of each collection’s theme. Then they’d test up to 6 variations of ad copy using the best-selling product sets.

Additionally, separate campaigns using model shots, flat lays, and other creative types were also added to the account. This was repeated along the funnel in MOFU and BOFU, with audience time stacks of 3 days, 7 days etc. These utilized more general creative to keep the brand top of mind.

4) Gearing up for a record-breaking Black Friday Cyber Monday

At Right Hook, we prep our brands year-round for Black Friday, so by the time it came along we had plans to 2x the previous year’s revenue for both Black Friday and the entire weekend.

The results were even better than expected…



What Worked Well

By doing the groundwork from day one and creating a true partnership with Ace and the Threadheads team, the brand was able to achieve:

  • Close to 3x their previous BF revenue @ 12.36xMER generating $215,658.79
  • A record-breaking weekend, flying past their target of $379,512.32 and generating $511,586.46 @ 7.91xMER
  • Their biggest revenue month ever – $2.308,531.89 total @ 4.83xMER
  • YoY growth for Black Friday of 196.25%

Over 1.5 years, Threadheads was able to grow their business into a powerhouse brand achieving:

  • Lucrative licensing deals with Warner Bros, Sony, SEGA, and many more
  • Expansion into multiple international markets
  • A successful $2.2M capital raise
  • $13M in annual revenue


“Partnering with Right Hook for me, personally, was like a weight off my shoulders. It allowed me to really enjoy other parts of the business and, also, just feel like we’re moving in the right direction.” – Ace Reunis.

When you partner with us, you don’t just get someone to ‘watch your ad account’. We’re your strategic marketing arm, your outsourced CMO and your on-the-pulse, eCom growth experts ready to guide you every step of the way

We treat your business as if it were our own, looking at the bigger picture and constantly brainstorming ways to improve, add value and scale your brand profitably.

Because when you win, we win. It’s not about getting a certain number of clients for us, it’s about getting the right clients.

You know your potential. We help you get there.

So what will it be, growth or death?