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There are businesses whose core values and mission statements sit on a wall and serve nothing other than appearances. Then there are places that truly live by their values and their ‘North Star’, that guides what they do and how they think every day. We are the latter.

‘Growth or Death’ isn’t some catchy theme. It’s meant to be in your face because it’s what we believe.It’s who we are. We are about positive growth in every way – personally, professionally and supporting everyone else around us who is on that journey.

This might not be your thing, and that’s fine, you may be content with being mediocre in life. But, if you do want to become the best version of yourself, develop your thinking and expand your skill sets, then we’d love to have you at Right Hook and we’d love to be a part of that journey with you. See below for our current digital marketing jobs:

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Working for Right Hook has some seriously cool perks and benefits.
Work from ANYWHERE , anytime

Forget the 9-5, at Right Hook you can work where you want, when you want. Have an appointment during work hours? No problem. Need to pick the kids up from school? Go right ahead. As long as the work gets done, we don’t mind where or when you do it.

RELAX , we’ve got you covered

We take care of our tribe like family. That’s why we offer competitive salary packages, flexible working arrangements, all types of leave, and ample holiday time.

Hone your SKILLS

From workshops to growth clubs, if there’s a skill you want to hone, we’re all for it. We have a dedicated training budget for a reason.

Stay informed

From daily huddles to monthly town hall gatherings, we like to keep our employees in the know on the reg. Openness, no bullshi** is one of our core values and we live it.

Referral scheme

If we like you, chances are we’ll like your crew. Enjoy a generous incentive for any new hire you send our way.

LIVE it up

At Right Hook, the line between work and play blurs. Are parties, retreats and book clubs your thing? Good – they’re ours too.


As a company with a global reach, Right Hook is headquartered in Brisbane, with offices in Adelaide and Tennessee.


Our HQ is located in the buzzing Fortitude Valley district. Close to gyms for an afternoon sweat sesh, trendy cafes for brunchin’ in style, and rooftop bars for Friday drinks.


Smack dab in the middle of the city, our Adelaide office has it all. Shops, gyms, restaurants, bars — you name it, you’ll find it.


A stone’s throw away from Nashville, Murfreesboro is alive with Southern charm and a lifetime’s worth of country music. Close to brewhouses and steakhouses alike, you might find yourself out for ‘lunch meetings’ on the reg.