GOLD HINGE is a popular fashion athleisure wear brand that wanted to try TikTok ads. A combo of clever creatives and an irresistible offer lead to the brand doubling its highest revenue month ever and acquiring 350+ new customers daily!

THE HIGHLIGHT $670k revenue in one month
THE WIN Doubled their highest revenue month ever
THE RESULTS $105k in sales during launch week
THE INCREASE 350+ daily new customers


Fashion & Accessories

$670k revenue in one month

Doubled their highest revenue month ever

$105k in sales during launch week

350+ daily new customers


Fashion & Accessories


The Background

Gold Hinge is a women’s fashion athleisure brand that has been trialing ads on TikTok for the past 6 months, testing and building momentum on their account, but without generating significant results.

Their other acquisition channels have been crushing it for 4 years now, with $300K as their best month’s revenue so far. We had seen fashion brands skyrocket their growth on TikTok before, so we knew for Gold Hinge it was only a matter of time (and testing!) to get similar results.


The Strategy

So many brands we speak with are just about ready to give up on TikTok, thinking the platform is too difficult to crack. Even though acquisition costs can be volatile on Meta and attribution can feel somewhat like a best guess, you know you’ll at least get some sales growth from the OG platform. But Bradley, the strategist looking after Gold Hinge, was determined to figure out a winning strategy for his client!

To crack TikTok, Bradley and his pod had to make sure that everything in the backend was set up for testing – creatives for testing, website functionality, margin conversations, etc.

The initial plan was nothing too crazy – simply launch the ads and test them to find the best-performing, winning creative from the bunch.

And so he did.

During the creative testing phase, data showed that returns on ad spend were too low and some of the assets would burn out quickly due to TikTok’s creative churn rate. Bradley knew that they needed to come up with a compelling offer to drive stronger sales from the app.

This is where the game changed. The team developed a “Buy 2 Tennis Skirts for $49” offer exclusively for the app. As the Pleated Tennis Skirts are some of the brand’s best-selling products, customers thought this was a MASSIVE STEAL!

This is what the winning ad looked like:

Creative copy + UGC-like images match the aesthetic and tone of most TikTok videos:

The coupon code & checkout page were also featured to show how the promo works:

On July 6, Bradley and his pod officially launched the creative and, within 6 hours, revenue skyrocketed – the team’s Media Buyer saw the success it was getting, jumped on it, and scaled the account’s daily budget up 5X to capitalize on the ad’s traction!


The Challenges

The campaign did come across several challenges once the winning creative took off.

Firstly, the campaign exceeded Gold Hinge’s average daily revenue by 3x, which in turn doubled the demand for inventory. This meant that Katharine Receveur, the brand founder, was pushing 6x more of her best sellers than normal. She immediately had to reach out to her manufacturer to order several thousand more skirts!

Additionally, since creatives naturally have a higher churn rate on TikTok, our strategist saw that performance was decreasing by Day 5. While the campaign was still doing amazing revenue numbers and was cruising above target KPIs, the offer was not getting nearly as many sales as the first 3 days.

From there, Bradley and the pod’s Visual Creator created a new batch of creatives to use and test within the ad account straight away. After testing, the campaign was back on track to its higher revenue days (closer to the $28K mark) and the brand kept scaling up from there.


What Worked Well

After 5 – 6 ads were launched, revenue shot up like crazy.

Gold Hinge doubled their biggest revenue month ever hitting $670k! They have reduced their acquisition costs by 21% and have increased daily sales by 150%!

This single strategy generated $105k in sales during launch week and continues to perform well weeks later.

Aside from the major revenue wins, this TikTok offer also saw Gold Hinge’s CAC decrease significantly – from $28, dropping to $11 on the first day of the offer then eventually leveling out to $22.

The brand acquired 439 new customers on the launch date, going from 100 new customers per day to now acquiring close to 350+ new customers on a daily basis.

For many brands, TikTok still feels like foreign territory, but it offers A LOT of growth potential, regardless of your niche.

If you’re unsure where to start with TikTok or would like one of our dedicated 8-figure eCommerce experts to help grow your brand, we’re here to help!

Bradley Mullins

Bradley Mullins is one of our eCommerce Strategists based in the US. He has grown a brand from $12K to $293K in 60 days, is a Jedi of cross-channel marketing, and spearheaded Right Hooks’ first successful TikTok campaigns. A home-run hitter who goes beyond the 9-to-5 grind, it’s his killer strategies and relentless will-to-win that makes him shine. Straight out of high school and into the big leagues, Bradley was promoted to social strategist at age 19 after only 8 months with Right Hook. He specializes in creating compelling offers with his clients and building strong trust with his energetic personality. One of his most notable achievements was scaling a fashion brand 30x within 8 months whose revenue has since more than doubled.

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