A 476% revenue increase using a fashion-forward approach.


July leveraged its fashionable design to create highly targeted campaigns that resonated with its audience and delivered exceptional results, even during a global pandemic!

THE REVENUE A$2,244,253.67 in Q1 2022
THE INCREASE 476% Revenue Growth from Prev Year
THE GROWTH 322% New Customer Growth




A$2,244,253.67 in Q1 2022

476% Revenue Growth from Prev Year

322% New Customer Growth





The Background

July is a luggage company that offers stylish, functional, and durable suitcases and travel accessories.

Based in Australia, July was founded in 2018 by two friends who wanted to create a luggage brand that combined form and function, and that reflected their passion for design, travel, and sustainability.

Since then, and despite the travel industry screeching to a temporary halt, July has grown rapidly, thanks to its innovative products, customer-centric approach, and digital marketing strategies.

They’ve expanded internationally, have opened flagship stores in major cities, and continue to crush it with regular drops of on-trend colors and personalization that delight their customers.

The Strategy

In early 2021, July reached out to Right Hook to drive customer acquisition – and lots of it. They had other marketing channels taken care of in-house but they were really looking to ramp up their performance marketing efforts to grow the business.

Being high-quality luggage, the repeat purchase cycle is naturally longer so customer retention was addressed internally via other avenues. 

While July’s suitcases had many unique features, such as custom-built wheels and TSA-approved locks, the brand’s marketing did not emphasize its fashion appeal.

To stand out in a crowded market and appeal to a wider audience, Amanda proposed a new approach that focused on the emotional and aesthetic aspects of luggage, rather than just the functional ones.


Focus on color

The strategist’s plan was to create campaigns that showcased each of July’s signature colors, such as Moss Green, Ice Sky, and Monochrome, and that conveyed the mood, personality, and lifestyle of the people who would use them.

By associating each color with a specific theme, such as adventure, sophistication, or minimalism, July could appeal to different segments of the market and create a sense of identity and community among its customers.

The brand also focused on optimizing the website’s user experience, SEO, and social media presence, to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions.

July Luggage company adverts

What Worked Well

The results of the campaign were remarkable.

In just one year, July’s revenue increased by 476% from A$389k to more than A$2.2M!
Their biggest month ever in March, brought in A$1.02M – a 43% increase over their previous best month, which included Black Friday.
Plus, they gained 322% more first-time customers in Q1 2022 than in Q1 2021.

The focus on colors and emotions proved to be a game changer for July, as it differentiated the brand from its competitors and resonated with customers who valued style, personality, and self-expression.

By using creative campaigns that highlighted the unique features and benefits of each color, July was able to appeal to diverse audiences and build a loyal following.

Amanda Santos

Amanda Santos is one of our Senior eCommerce Strategists. Amanda doesn’t sell products, she builds brands. With an incredible eye for killer creatives and a talent for introducing brands to their target audiences, Amanda is the queen of getting your brand noticed with paid ads. She is particular with all aspects of your ads, as she knows there is only one chance to create a good first impression. Fashion is Amanda’s favorite niche and loves utilizing her fashion knowledge to guide creative ideas. When she isn’t analyzing results and coming up with new angles to grow her brands, you’ll find Amanda swimming at the beach – even if it’s freezing!

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