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If you’re a Brand Founder, eCommerce Entrepreneur or Growth Marketer and looking to scale your eComm brand, then this is the ecommerce podcast for you. We’ll be interviewing industry leading eCommerce founders and marketing strategists and bringing their insights and actionable take-aways for you to implement and drive your revenue growth .


How do you build a loyal fanbase for your brand? RetroKid Co-Founder shares how they grew their brand by putting product quality & community over everything w/ Steve Gaskin

When some entrepreneurs embark on the journey to scale their brand from 0 to 100, they tend to forget that two key ingredients include cultivating a deep, meaningful relationship with their customer base and understanding that product quality & excellent customer service trumps everything else.

Decoding Generation Z: How Zoomers will Redefine the Future of eCommerce & Digital Shopping w/ Will Weeks

For a generational cohort that’s been talked, tweeted, and debated about, there is still a lot to discuss and uncover about Gen Z, what matters to them, and who they really are. Considering this cohort has a disposable income of $360 billion in the US alone, it’s imperative for eCom brand owners to understand this generation’s views on eCommerce & how they shop online.

Scaling to 8-figures: Aussie clothing brand Threadheads shares the strategy that skyrocketed their success w/ Co-Founder Ace Reunis & Senior Strategist Brett Leggett

What does it take to create an 8-figure business? When it comes to brand growth, most of us tend to focus on the massive wins. But what was the journey? What processes and risks were taken to get there?

Amplify Your Customer’s Brand Experience using Augmented Reality w/ Rich Watson

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the constant evolution of technology. When it comes to business, if you’re not across the latter two, you’re likely headed for trouble. The past year brought many upheavals to the paid advertising game, with iOS14 prompt and attribution issues leaving many eCom brand owners clambering for answers and ways to pivot. Now, savvy entrepreneurs are actively looking for ideal solutions to tell their brand story in a powerful manner that engages both prospects and loyalists alike.

Don't Forget Your Customer! How To Build a Successful Brand Effectively Using Customer Service & Feedback w/ Bryan Clayton

Running an eCom brand requires you to consider many perspectives, but how often are you really considering the consumer in your decisions? In this episode, join Scott as he sits down with Bryan Clayton, CEO & Co-Founder of GreenPal, for a conversation on the pivotal role of customer service, improving the trust between brand & community, and the mental frameworks needed to develop a successful, consumer-focused business.

Maximize Your Website's Profitability: Essential Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimization w/ Drew Himel

Feel like you’ve tried everything to boost sales but just can’t seem to shift the needle? One of the most overlooked ways to scale your brand is by optimizing your website for increased conversions and customer retention.

BFCM 2021: What Worked, What Didn't & Why 2022 Planning Starts Now w/ Kayla Dancaster & Billy Bambao

Before you settle on your plans and strategies for 2022, you’re going to want to listen to this episode. Ray has an open discussion with Right Hook’s very own Kayla Dancaster, Head of Performance (AU side) and Billy Bambao, Head of Performance (US side), to reveal EVERYTHING that went down during BFCM – the triumphs, the unexpected insights, the nuances, and so much more!

Consumer Insights & Finding Your Brand’s Key Differentiator to Deliver an Optimal Shopping Experience w/ Rick West

As the new year looms over the online retail landscape, brands need to identify (or maybe even need to recalibrate) what they deliver to consumers with ever-evolving shopping & usage habits. Join Scott & Ray as they chat with Rick West, CEO & Co-Founder of Field Agent, about shopper research, Field Agent’s Marketplace platform, and the changing landscape of consumer insights and research.

Amazon Advertising & the Platform’s Scaling Opportunities for eCom Brands w/ Destaney Wishon

In this new episode, we’re exploring the ever-growing and evolving landscape of Amazon advertising and marketing. Scott & Ray are joined by Destaney Wishon, Co-Founder and CEO of BetterAMS, to examine the trends seen in the Amazon marketplace over the last few years as both eCommerce and retailing converge, ushering in a new age of shopping for customers.

Email Marketing & Building a Retention Ecosystem to Drive More Product Conversions w/ Dan Nikas

While email marketing presents a lot of opportunities for retention and community-building, it can be a daunting aspect to implement for those who are just starting out or trying to scale their business. In this new episode, Scott & Ray have a chat with Dan Nikas, CEO & Co-Founder of Elite Brands & Gearbunch, to discuss all things email marketing and the intricacies of putting back-end systems for your business.

Customer Psychographics and Building Loyal Communities That Are Hungry to Buy w/ Steven Black

We have another MASSIVE episode in store for you here! Scott and Ray chat with Steven Black, Facebook and Amazon marketer, about buyer psychographics, customer retention, and the different ways to segment and determine your brand’s niche and subsegments.

How to Kickstart an In-House Influencer Marketing Program w/ Taylor Lagace

We have a HUGE episode that will dive deep into a black box area for both eCom brand owners and marketers – influencer marketing! Scott & Ray interview Taylor Lagace, CEO & Co-Founder of Kynship, to demystify influencer marketing, how to get your own program started, and see how it works in conjunction with product seeding programs.

Augmented Reality and the Future of eCommerce Advertising w/ Casie Lane Millhouse

We’re exploring a new frontier in the eCommerce world with this episode! Scott interviews Casie Lane Millhouse, an Innovation and Technology Communicator consulting in the AR/VR space, about augmented reality, what it is, and its current place in the eCommerce landscape.

The Complete 2021 BFCM Preparation Breakdown

It’s that time of year again! Planning and preparation time for what we refer to as the ‘Superbowl’ for eCommerce – Q4 and more specifically Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Weekend.

Hiring the right people for Your eCommerce Business or Agency

Hiring the right people for your brand can be tough, and that’s true for both eCommerce businesses and agencies. In this episode, Scott & Ray discuss one of the tricky aspects of scaling your business – hiring the right talent to help you scale to the moon!

$2.6M in 24hrs: Crafting the Perfect Fashion Product Launch Funnel w/ Mariana Cimino

Product launches can be daunting, but can yield MASSIVE results when done right! In this episode, Ray is joined by Mariana Cimino, Senior eCommerce Strategist at Right Hook, to talk about her recent $2.6 million product launch day for a client. Mariana breaks down the steps it took and the processes she followed – hint: it all starts with delivering actual value to your customers!

How to Optimize Your Day For Maximum Output w/ Kilian Markert

A lot of high-performing entrepreneurs want to grow and scale their business, but they often forget to master their daily energy and productivity levels, which may lead to burnout or neglecting their health in the long run.

iOS14.5 ATT Rollout: Strategic Shifts for the New Facebook Ad Landscape w/ Tyler Garner

It has finally happened – Apple has released the iOS14.5 ATT prompt! Listen to our discussion with Tyler Garner, a Facebook & eCommerce marketer we highly respect and admire, as we analyze and discuss the post-rollout landscape of eCommerce and digital marketing.

5 Facebook Ad Creative Tactics That Are Crushing It Right NOW

We’re trying out something new in this episode by giving you some more tactical insights that you can use right now in your Facebook Ads! We delve into 5 tactics that are absolutely crushing it for different accounts and how each of them have their own strengths and potential to help you create stronger ads for your business.

Scaling DTC Jewelry from $40k to $1M in a Year w/ Tyler Berglund

In this episode, we are joined by Tyler Berglund, Senior eCommerce Strategist at Right Hook, as we get into a fantastic chat about how he helped scale a client in the DTC jewelry segment from $40K to $1M in just a year.

Messenger Marketing for Amplifying Your Customer Relationships for More Profit w/ Rutger Thole

This was a great chat with our friend Rutger Thole AKA The Botfather – which started in a different direction than we expected but thought it would be valuable to leave in.

Apple's iOS14 ATT Update - The What, When and Actions You MUST Take Right Now w/ Dee Deng

In this episode we’re diving deep with Right Hook Co-Founder & CEO, Dee Deng, into the upcoming industry-shifting changes that are coming with Apple’s iOS14 ATT (App Tracking Transparency) rollout.

2020 Lookback & BFCM Takeaways & Tactics that Crushed

Welcome! Episode #1 is finally here and what better place to start then a lookback at the craziest year we’ve ever experienced in the eCommerce industry – the rollercoaster that was 2020. Finishing with a review of the BFCM weekend and the strategies and tactics that drove the best results for is, that you can implement into any sale campaign.