Email Marketing & Building a Retention Ecosystem to Drive More Product Conversions w/ Dan Nikas

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While email marketing presents a lot of opportunities for retention and community-building, it can be a daunting aspect to implement for those who are just starting out or trying to scale their business. In this new episode, Scott & Ray have a chat with Dan Nikas, CEO & Co-Founder of Elite Brands & Gearbunch, to discuss all things email marketing and the intricacies of putting back-end systems for your business.

Dan drops some knowledge bombs on the back-end strategies that have worked for his brand, GearBunch, as well as his clients. He also breaks down the many fundamentals needed to set up your brand’s email marketing system and the tactics you can use to ensure that your leads convert into customers. This episode also goes deep into the many segmentations and flows you can implement to further nurture and drive your customers into becoming repeat purchasers (and even brand ambassadors!)

Tune in as Dan also talks about new updates regarding Apple’s iOS15 update, its impact on email marketing, and how email & retention marketing looms large over 2022 and beyond. A lot of brands are simply leaving money on the table by not having a sturdy and customer-friendly retention marketing system – listen in to gear up for your 2022 email marketing strategy!

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