Consumer Insights & Finding Your Brand’s Key Differentiator to Deliver an Optimal Shopping Experience w/ Rick West

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As the new year looms over the online retail landscape, brands need to identify (or maybe even need to recalibrate) what they deliver to consumers with ever-evolving shopping & usage habits. Join Scott & Ray as they chat with Rick West, CEO & Co-Founder of Field Agent, about shopper research, Field Agent’s Marketplace platform, and the changing landscape of consumer insights and research.

As the first app on the Apple App Store to pay cash to its users, Field Agent has seen its fair share of changes in the eCom brand landscape so listen in as Rick shares his findings as well as the necessities brand owners will need to deliver the best shopping experience for their customers through customer research, insighting, and data gathering.

This episode also delves deep into the significant importance of testing a product or brand concept before going to market as well as crafting the right questions to ask customers to fully understand their needs and desires from a product or a brand.

Listen to this episode to discover the many nuances & “a-ha” moments consumer research can provide for your brand to bridge the need-gaps and to build up & maintain consumer loyalty. Trust us, this is an insightful episode you won’t want to miss!

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