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Using Multi-Touch Marketing and A No-Apologies Attitude For a 769% Increase in 5 Months



Increase in sales

across 8 months


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Facebook ads


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Note: respecting our client's wish, this case study refrains from mentioning the brand name.

Our strategy for this women’s fashion brand is a study in creating an experience, not just for the impulse-buyer, but also for the customer who needs more time, more information, or more brand affinity. Using organic content throughout the sales funnel, we created touchpoints for an engaging customer journey—from completely cold prospects to brand loyalists.

In a mere 5 months, we exploded their Facebook ad revenue by an astronomical 769%. And since implementing this strategy we’ve consistently averaged a ROAS of 4.02x for their brand, with some campaigns returning as high as 18.99x.

When this trendy, hip-hop fashion boutique came to Right Hook, they were averaging around $39k in sales, most of it from their brick and mortar locations. They were looking for a partner to help grow their online sales and take their Facebook advertising game to the next level.

In their first two months with us, we saw immediate revenue growth. But daily fluctuations made it hard to confidently increase spend in order to scale. We needed to find a way to create consistent, stable results so we could scale effectively.

We decided to play to their strengths. The brand had built a large, highly engaged social media following with its authentic, “no-apologies” approach. One of their Instagram posts had just gone viral. It was very polarizing, but the organic engagement was through the roof. 

We used this Instagram post to create an ad with curiosity-based copy merely to elicit video views. Ad engagement numbers were massive, and they experienced their biggest sales day ever. This one video ad was the catalyst for our game-changing strategy. 

Through continued testing, we learned that this type of authentic content resonated with their audience. There was a direct correlation between engagement on a social media post, and how it performed as an ad. And the more natural and real the video is, the higher the performance. 

Using mostly organic, and often polarizing content, we structured a multi-touch funnel geared at keeping prospects engaged with the brand. In 5 short months, we were able to scale their business from $31k in monthly Facebook ad revenue to over $276k, and overall Shopify revenue to in excess of $500k/month. With their growth mindset and our on-going partnership, we continue to crush their monthly revenue goals and are closing in on 7-figure months very quickly.

How We Did It

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  • Created a multi-touch, customer journey-focused funnel
  • Increased client’s cold-audience traffic (TOFU)
  • Used social media posts with high engagement 
  • Implemented a systematic testing approach to identify high performing touchpoints 
  • Created adset groupings with creative targeted for specific customer profiles 
  • Used a “micro-targeting” strategy for MOFU ads
  • Grouped ads with accumulated social proof in BOFU adsets

Let’s collaborate

Discover How We Can Accelerate Your eCommerce Business Growth