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Inspirational Jewellery Makers Experience Massive Growth After Working With Right Hook



Increase in monthly

organic traffic


Increase in sales

across 7 months


Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from

Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Launching in early 2017, this inspiration jewellery label knew they had hit the mark with their eye-catching and inspirational range of jewellery.

After trying to dive into Facebook Advertising themselves, they managed to get some traction on the platform themselves but hit a ceiling on what they were able to achieve. They needed a marketing partner that not only had the technical understanding to grow their Facebook account but also work in conjunction with them to scale in line with their inventory flow as they had an extremely large range of items.

After a LOT of testing in the first six weeks, they were a little nervous as they hadn’t yet seen any growth in revenue. But we knew what was coming…

The signs were really strong and we’d uncovered a number of large audiences that were performing strongly, all we had to do was start trimming the non-performing audiences, boost the ROAS and start scaling as hard and fast possible.

Just 6 weeks later, we’d blown the lid off it and flew past their initial revenue goals…

How We Did It

Facebook Advertising

  • High speed audience & product testing
  • Advanced Product Catalog setup for Broad DPA’s
  • Rapid scaling strategies
  • Muilt-staged Dynamic Product Ads retargeting + Advanced Retargeting Audience campaigns
  • Post-Sale loyalty campaigns

Let’s collaborate

Discover How We Can Accelerate Your eCommerce Business Growth