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Curated Women’s Fashion Boutique: Cracking the Code with a Single Ad



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Note: respecting our client's wish, this case study refrains from mentioning the brand name.

Competition for fashion brands is fierce. But by studying clues from testing data and customer behavior, we were able to develop a scaling strategy for this small clothing boutique. We hit on the winning strategy with one ad, rapidly accelerating their Shopify revenue to $49k in a single month, comfortably above their ROAS target of 2x.

In a mission to replicate this process all the way to scalability, we developed a series of rapid-fire creative tests focused on single products. In 6 short months, they sold out of their best-selling items multiple times, and we achieved a 78% increase in highly profitable revenue growth for their business.

This small fashion boutique was looking for a digital marketing partner to help them drive online sales and increase revenue. They were averaging around $27k in monthly revenue and had an initial goal to hit 40k.

The boutique faced a number of roadblocks including a crowded niche, a low AOV (Average Order Value), little brand recognition, and a revolving door of sales propelling much of their revenue.


Their strengths were a strong Instagram presence, appealing photography, and strong sales performance with shoes and dresses. We saw potential but knew we were going to have to find a unique angle to separate them from the competition.

This story is a study in testing, pivoting, and persistence. Our initial goal was to explore ways to raise brand recognition and focus on increasing AOV through specific product lines and best-sellers. But when these angles yielded lackluster results, we knew we needed to dig in, research, and pivot accordingly.

We began by exploring their entire ad history, laying them side-by-side, analyzing performance, and looking for patterns of success. We also studied organic user behaviors on Instagram. This gave us a clue that single-product ads were resonating with their audience. Organic user behavior indicated that these products had an emotional, impulse-purchase element.

So, we pivoted from the generalist approach to a heavy focus on single products with high order value, driving traffic to these product pages. We wanted to reduce friction, encourage the emotional purchase, and increase their AOV.

We knew to be successful with this single-product strategy, two things needed to occur: 1) We had to be in sync with the client about inventory numbers, and 2) Speed testing to find winning products was vital. 

It was a single product ad that cracked the code for us. The creative was a simple product shot, directing traffic to the page, but it turned the corner for this brand. 

Using this ad as our template we tested several other single-products. We were able to duplicate success with several other products and began a slow, steady scaling process. Within 2 months the online boutique was smashing their revenue and ROAS goals. 

Continuing to steadily scale the winning strategy we saw February, the shortest month, exceeding their target revenue at $45k with a ROAS of 3.37x. And even with chaotic world events and a turbulent economy, March revenue grew to $49k. 

Now we start working together towards those 6-figure months!

How We Did It

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  • Analysed ad history performance to discover patterns
  • Studied user behavior on organic channels, ads, and Shopify
  • Closely monitored inventory and streamlined communication with client 
  • Ran single product testing parallel to other campaigns
  • Created product-specific funnel
  • Tested single product ads to find backups, placing winners in best performing campaigns
  • Implemented slow and steady scaling for winning campaigns

Let’s collaborate

Discover How We Can Accelerate Your eCommerce Business Growth