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Creating Product-Launch Hype For $55K Sales in 1 Hour



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Note: respecting our client's wish, this case study refrains from mentioning the brand name.

Launching new products often means sacrificing profit margins for sales—but it doesn’t have to. When this workout supplement company launched a new ‘limited’ edition version of their hero product, we used a different approach for a whopping $55K sales in 1 hour—no freebies or discounts needed.

Rather than offering an incentive, we focused on a pre-launch strategy to create hype and anticipation. The results speak for themselves. Launch day commenced with a mad rush on their site, with over 1000 orders on day one and completely selling out within 48 hours.

As one of our on-going, rapidly scaling clients, we knew that this brand had a strong following of loyal customers. They have a quality product, strong branding, and highly visible and inspiring founders.

The brand came to our strategy session with the goal of launching a limited-edition supplement, selling as many units as possible, all while maintaining their profit margin.

We knew that by leveraging their loyal following and understanding buyer psychology, we could create magic for them even if they didn’t offer a discount. 

Our strategy was to create pre-launch anticipation by driving opt-ins to a ManyChat list with the promise of exclusive launch-day notice. We created a sign-up flow and used their organic social media posts, established Facebook group, email list, and paid Facebook ads to drive messenger opt-ins.

The pre-launch messaging focused on scarcity, creating urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO). The copy made it clear that this was the product “launch of the year” and it would only be available in “extremely limited numbers.” Then we played on FOMO, adding that “once it’s gone, it may be gone forever.” 

This drove an unprecedented number of opt-ins, adding a substantial number from prospects who had never purchased. With these new prospects we were able to capture email addresses within our ManyChat flow, adding an additional marketing channel to help build the hype.

We kept our list warm by sending out the brand’s organic social media content through various  marketing channels, including email and messenger. This content built anticipation and hype, teasing new information about the quality and benefits of the supplement. We continued to harness exclusivity and FOMO in the messaging.

On launch day, the promised ManyChat “we’re live” broadcasts were sent to our list. These hyped-up customers immediately converged on the site, and in the first hour, we generated $55K in sales for our client. By the end of 48 hours, the product was completely sold out, far exceeding our initial goals. 

By analyzing our client’s audience and market potential, we are able to leverage buyer psychology, brand strengths, and their unique audience for amazing results. This outrageously successful product launch is just the beginning.

How We Did It

  • Focused the majority of our budget on the pre-launch campaign
  • Built a ManyChat list via organic channels, email, and paid Facebook ads
  • Leveraged the brand’s strong following in our list-build
  • Captured email leads as part of the ManyChat flow
  • Used psychological buying triggers in all messaging (exclusivity, scarcity, and FOMO)
  • Created exclusivity for the product launch by broadcasting only to the list
  • Boosted engaging, hype-building organic content to keep our list warm
  • Created an appealing, exclusive buying experience on launch day

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Let’s collaborate

Discover How We Can Accelerate Your eCommerce Business Growth