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How To Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates Using Multi-Variate Testing

While the discipline of Conversion Rate Optimization might seem overly technical for the uninitiated, it is absolutely critical for ensuring that you are getting the most out of the visitors to your website.

This becomes even more important if you are driving paid traffic via Facebook ads, Google PPC, etc. Once you get someone clicking on your ad and onto your website – you want to make sure that you are getting the yielding the highest results from your ads. You want to make sure they convert to making a purchase.

One way to constantly improve your website conversion rate is by running Multi-Variate Tests on your product pages, using a tool like Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely to set up and run methodical split tests on your product pages with the objective of increasing that conversion rate.

This is video, we break down our entire process of running multi-variate tests and optimizing an eCommerce site where we yielded a 50% lift in conversion rate.

As you can see from the screenshot below, our multi-variate tests yielded a significant month-on-month conversion rate lift.

And now (assuming you’ve watched the video above), you can start running split tests on your eCommerce website too, and start increasing your conversion rates.

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