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Dee Deng Right Hook Digital Co-founder Team

Dee Deng


Dee loves building and growing businesses–which is probably why his version of staple food is coffee (black, no sugar).

He also has one of the most unconventional career paths ever. Feel free to ask him about the time he was Tony Danza’s personal assistant, when he social hacked his way to getting a one-on-one pitch with Guy Kawasaki for his first tech startup, or that time he thought he broke his foot in the ring during a Muay Thai bout.

And unless you have several hours to spare, don’t ask him about tech, entrepreneurship or ramen. You’ve been warned.

Scott Seward Right Hook Digital Co-Founder Team

Scott Seward


Loves. Digital. Marketing. With one objective: To DRIVE SALES… and lots of it.

Outside of his two gorgeous rugrats, an amazingly tolerant wife and building Right Hook Digital into a behemoth digital agency, Scott’s loves are found in the ocean and the mountains, surfing, skiing & traveling.

Throw in a good whisky Old Fashioned, full-bodied red wine, perfectly pulled espresso shot or good times with friends & fam, and Scott’s one happy dude!

Raymond Johnston

Head of Agency

If you had to ask Ray to name his one talent, he’d say it’s making sales via campaigns.

Before becoming Head of Agency, Ray worked with several ecommerce brands on campaigns, making them millions in the process. There are a few things in life he can do all day and never grow tired of it—digital marketing, working out, and dancing with his wife.

He often says, “If he’s not crushing sales for ecommerce brands, he’s thinking about doing it and wishing he was doing it. I’m a lucky guy. I get to do what I love.”

Rebekah Daw Right Hook Digital Team

Rebekah Daw

Account Manager

Besides being a kickass Account Manager, Bek is a serious foodie.

She was this close to auditioning for Master Chef, but decided instead to come cook up a storm at Right Hook Digital.

We sure ain’t complainin’ about that.

For Bek, life’s about cheesy jokes, no BS and giving everything a go.

P.S. Bek’s one of those people who LOVES lists. Seriously. She can’t function without Asana or her trusty notepad. Period.

Luke Bradley

Head of Media Buyers

Bank-manager-turned-entrepreneur, Luke has started, run and exited his own successful e-commerce businesses, including New Zealand’s largest floral subscription company.

Taking his experience and growing other brands into successful businesses through digital advertising is what floats his boat.

When not focussing on ROAS, Luke’s passions include reading and spending time with his family.

Valerio Puggioni

Head of Creative

Valerio will sell his own mum out for a juicy string of copy. He’s obsessed with tech gear, and loves sniffing sweaty hand wraps at the gym as much as he loves passing out at bookstores from the crisp smell of fresh books.

You might find him in front of a camera or playing GTA V to let off some steam by running over cops and helpless children.

When he isn’t busy training copywriters and reviewing ad swipes to brainstorm fresh creative ideas, he gets chatty with his dog about climate change doomsday scenarios.

He runs the Freelance Copywriter Collective, a Facebook support group for, you guessed it, freelance copywriters.

Paul Garcin Right Hook Digital Team

Paul Garcin

Ad Specialist

Paul focuses on helping his clients sell all kinds of cool sh*t; from industrial excavators to V8-powered muscle cars, hedge fund services to movies tickets, premium French wine & Champagne to BBQs, there’s almost no company he hasn’t sold out of inventory.

The man is a numbers fanatic. Having graduated with a B.Sc. Math and an MSc in Information Systems at age 21, he’s worked in different countries across the globe. His achievements include lowering the manufacturing costs of a nanosized semiconductors fab plant, revamping the data management platform of a Fortune 500 company and implementing a monitoring platform for nuclear power plants.

You can follow his ascension to digital media overlord on LinkedIn, his adventures in the Singapore Strongman Series as The French Strongman on Instagram or simply talk about campaign optimization and growth hacking on Facebook.

Be warned though: his French accent is almost as thick as his biceps.

Antonio Bori

Media Buyer

Antonio is an engineer-turned-marketer with an undying passion for consumer psychology.

As one of RHD’s most trusted media buyers, he manages campaigns for some of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands across the globe.

When he’s not behind a desk, he’s behind a Poker table gauging which of his less than able mates he can take a stack off of. And if he’s behind neither, you can find him at your local Salsa spot pretending to know what he’s doing.

Zia Radojicic

Office Finance Manager

Zia loves a task and prides herself on her attention to detail. Combine that with her amazing competency for numbers and organisational skills, and she’s the one who gets sh*t done!

Outside of work, she has a passion for rescue animals bordering on obsessive compulsive. Whether it’s her two dogs, a one-eyed cat or a goat named Barry, she loves all creatures great and small. She dreams one day of owning an animal sanctuary.

Claudia Lamb

Video Production Assistant

Despite spending countless hours writing copy for videos, Claudia is incapable of writing a short bio.

So here’s a list of things that interest her instead: health, fitness, the beach, mountain climbing, television and the environment.

With a degree in Film and Screen Production, she’s worked on a few short films and wedding videography, not to mention some gigs in the hospitality and retail industries.

Claudia is the Creative Production Assistant, with a focus on video editing. After investing 3 years into a Film degree, Claudia realised film wasn’t for her, and discovered marketing instead.

When she’s not editing videos, you’ll find her walking her puppies on the beach (not actually puppies, but they’ll always be puppies to her), and once in a blue moon, she’ll use that gym membership she’.

Elyse Smith


Elyse hails from a long line of entrepreneurs, so as any rebellious child would, she chose to get a degree as far away from business as she could… and thus emerging from the ashes of the Health Sciences field. When she could no longer deny her true ambitions, she made the switch and went full steam into growing and developing her talents as a copywriter and all-around online marketing master.

She currently lives in Colorado, and loves doing outdoors things and spending time with her family. You’ll most likely to find her on a patio in the sun somewhere, enjoying a microbrew and a gorgeous view.

Almyr Caminade

Junior Media Buyer

Almyr is behind the kickass machinery on your newsfeeds. He’s the guy setting up ads on Facebook that are difficult to miss. He’s an outgoing fellow who loves beer more than coffee. (I know, right?) Working as a Facebook Ads Assistant, he also contributes years of experience in the search and paid ads space.

He gets high doing outdoorsy stuff such as mountain biking, trekking, canyoneering or capturing precious moments during his travels. Almyr aces the perfect work-family-fun balance. And sure enough, he excels in every space he applies himself.

Nicole Zafra (Nikki)

Graphic Designer

Nicole is the Head Graphic Designer at Right Hook Digital. At times, she is like Katniss Everdeen, and she likes to “volunteer as a tribute” with tasks when the team is swamped. But her talents don’t stop there. No, she’s also a video editor for the Creative Team.

Before Right Hook Digital, she helped many ecommerce brands and companies flesh out their visual branding, website design and campaigns that were to become a massive hit!

She also likes to work as a photographer and videographer for events and photoshoots she finds meaningful.

When she’s not around cooking up visual assets for ads, she’s off to other islands, basking in the sun and surfing the blue tropical waters of the Philippines. She loves traveling and engaging in other marine activities. It helps keep her mind fresh whenever she feels she needs that much-needed break, and from under the waters she always reemerges with some awesome creative ideas.

Eleanor Gibson

Account Manager

With a unique background in customer service, specialty coffee, production design and studio management, Eleanor is always looking for new things to learn and novel ways to challenge herself. She’s a people person & a self-proclaimed perfectionist, and she loves a good process.

Adventure and challenge have taken her to Canada where she lived for a few years, exploring the local breweries, adding to her beanie and sock collection and eating as much poutine as possible.

She’s passionate about craft beer, animals, Mexican food and her fiancé. When she’s not forcing cuddles on her cats or brewing a cup o’ tea, Eleanor manages our client accounts to make sure all the cogs are moving smoothly and that critical tasks are getting checked off on time.

If you need any recommendations on true crime podcasts or want to hear about the time she moved her cat from Canada to Australia, ask away!

Kaden Rohrlach

Junior Media Buyer

Kaden loves all things digital marketing, coffee and food… just look at his FB and IG feeds. He will bamboozle you with numbers, details and processes, thanks to his many years in the bank analysing billion-dollar companies.

Aside from running his own ecommerce stores and affiliate marketing ventures, his greatest professional achievement involved being selected as one of the top 100 highest performing employees nationally in one of the ‘Big Four’ banks.

When he’s not crushing it for eComm brands, you’ll most likely find him cooking up something mean in the kitchen, sipping a long black at only the best coffee hangouts or pumping iron at the gym.

Clyzel Peralta

Account Executive Assistant

Cly is just starting her career in the marketing field, and is super pumped to learn more. She uses her passion and drive to get things moving smoothly for the team, and if ever, she will be the one brewing coffee for everyone.

Currently a full-time account executive assistant, and future part-time coffee expert (hopefully).

If you need anything from the team or if you need coffee advice, she’s your gal.

James Vu

Advertising Assistant

James is Advertising Asst./Creative Production Asst. at Right Hook. He loves working with fresh ideas, cool sh*t, and he gets off on rush deadlines. Seriously. The man is sick. Hence, agency life is his cup of tea.

Before Right Hook, he started off working at several Vietnamese agencies, including Ogilvy Vietnam.

He is currently pursuing a degree in Strategic Advertising and filling various roles at the agency, where he’s bringing his school knowledge to the team. James is addicted to cooking videos ads and rendering times, and he also helps the team with graphic design, brand research and setting up ad accounts.

To maintain his study-work-life balance, he plays basketball, cooks and occasionally posts vlogs on his Youtube channel.

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