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We’re a crew of performance marketers, creatives and growth geeks that love doing what we do.
We share all our learnings and processes with our clients – and don’t believe in any unsharable “secret sauce”.
We are your Right Hook.
Rebekah Daw Right Hook Digital Team

Rebekah Daw

Account Manager

Besides being a kickass Account Manager, Bek is also a serious foodie.

She was *this* close to auditioning for Master Chef, but decided to come cook up a storm here at Right Hook Digital instead.

We sure ain’t complaining about that.

For Bek, life is about cheesy jokes, no BS and giving everything a go.

PS: Bek’s also one of those people that LOVE lists. Like seriously – she can’t function without Asana or her trusty notepad.

Paul Garcin Right Hook Digital Team

Paul Garcin

Ad Specialist

Paul focuses on helping his clients sell all kinds of cool sh*t – from industrial excavators to V8-powered muscle cars, hedge fund services to movies tickets, premium French wine & Champagne to BBQs, there’s almost no company he hasn’t sold out of inventory.

This dude is a numbers fanatic. After graduating with a B.Sc. Math and MSc in Information Systems at age 21, he worked in different places in the world. His achievements include lowering the manufacturing costs of a nano-sized semiconductors fab plant, revamping the data management platform of a Fortune 500 company and setting up a monitoring platform for nuclear power plants.

You can follow his ascension to digital media overlord on LinkedIn, his adventures in the Singapore Strongman Series as The French Strongman on Instagram or simply come talk about campaign optimization and growth hacking on Facebook.

Be warned though – his French accent is almost as thick as his biceps.

Scott Seward Right Hook Digital Co-Founder Team

Scott Seward


Loves. Digital. Marketing. With one objective – DRIVE SALES…and lots of them.

Outside of his two gorgeous rug-rats, amazingly tolerant wife and building Right Hook Digital into a behemoth digital agency – Scott’s loves are found in the ocean and the mountains, surfing, skiing & traveling.

Throw in a good whisky Old Fashioned, full-bodied red wine, perfectly pulled espresso shot or good times with friends & fam, and Scott’s a pretty happy dude!

Dee Deng Right Hook Digital Co-founder Team

Dee Deng


Dee loves building and growing businesses. Which is probably why his version of staple food is coffee, black, no sugar.

He also has one of the most unconventional career paths ever. Feel free to ask him about the time he was Tony Danza’s personal assistant, when he social hacked his way to getting a one-on-one pitch with Guy Kawasaki for his first tech startup, or that time he thought he broke his foot in the Muay Thai ring.

And unless you have several hours to spare – don’t ask him about tech, entrepreneurship or ramen. You’ve been warned.

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